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We are proud to announce our collaboration with Chantal Machabée for Lexus Laval!

July 29 2019,

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Chantal Machabée for Lexus Laval! +

Lexus Laval Collaborator Chantal Machabée visits the dealership

Recognized sports journalist and host Chantal Machabée is used to evolving in a typically masculine world. Whether it's in the car industry or the wide world of sports, Chantal knows how to bring her personal touch and her unique point of view.

Lexus Laval's collaborator since this year recently visited the Chomedey Boulevard dealership to meet and chat with the team and take some photos. She also took a closer look at some of Lexus' most impressive models, including the spectacular Lexus LC.

Chantal Machabée's role with Lexus Laval is of course to promote the dealership and its products, but her selection as an collaborator is not just about promotion. The energy she brings is contagious and her journey is one of a kind.

Since being entrusted at the age of 24 with hosting the first RDS broadcast on September 1, 1989, Chantal Machabée has not only spent her career in a traditionally masculine environment, she has been able to shape it and transform it. Like sports, the automotive industry is dominated by men, but more and more women play an important and equal role in dealerships and manufacturers.

A true pioneer in the sports media industry in Quebec, Chantal Machabée hopes to see the automotive world continue to open its doors to young women who are passionate about cars and motivated to play a key role.

For Lexus Laval, we are not only very happy with the new partnership with Chantal Machabée, but also proud.

"She is an exceptional woman who is part of Quebeckers' everyday lives. She was a pioneer in an environment that was not always welcoming, and over time she became a leader in the sports industry. Her drive, determination and passion fit perfectly with Lexus' vision as a manufacturer and the values ​​of Lexus Laval," said Sébastien Charbonneau, Deputy Sales Director at Lexus Laval.